Friday, January 7, 2011

Share Horse Transport Missouri Arkansas Oklahoma Texas

I am going to Texas from Missouri sometime in next month. Will be able to haul horses for you from Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma to Texas or visa versa. Can take up tp 4 horses going south two going north. I can help you out and you can help me out.

I have a very nice four horse slant CM Legacy gooseneck and nice F250 diesel truck.

If you need to move some horses for a reasonable price give me a call or email.



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Babson Brown
Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

This is DHAR Aziza and her one year old filly Axioms Jadhara Mist (x HR Jamil Ahmar Hisaan). Aziza is 23 years old. This is her first Babson Brown filly.

Both of these mares are tail female through
Mist Aana who is the only Babson Brown daughter of Hallany Mistanny.

We are hoping to get another foal from Aziza in 2011. This foal will be by
HR Hasims Legacy a Straight Babson stallion. See more about Aziza and Jadhara at website.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Well it has been awhile since I posted on here. The latest news is that Charabs Amora is coming to our farm next week. This picture of the chestnut is Amora. She is a very rare Straight Babson mare, 18 years old. I already have her daughter Char Iswid Malaka her and Malaka is in foal.

My challenge this year is to get Amora in foal. I am so excited. She will be bred to HR Hasims Legacy also Straight Babson. The black stallion is Legacy.

HR Tali Tiflah is due to foal in a few weeks. I have been advertising her for sale and have had a few inquiries.

Axioms Serrena Echo has been sold. The sale is not final though as money has not been recieved yet but I am pretty sure it will be fianlized soon. The buyer has been waiting for this filly for sometime and it has beeen a hard decision to sell her because of her double Serr Maariner in her pedigree.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Straight Egyptian Double Serr Maariner Great Grand Daughter For Sale

Babson Filly For Sale

Straight Egyptian

Al Khamsa

Sheykh Obeyd

Dahman Shawan in strain
Axioms Serrena Echo is a preservation Babson filly with lines to Julyan, Hallany Mistanny and Sirecho.
Also she is a double Serr Maariner Great Granddaughter.

She is an exceptional filly, bred for dressage and has great movement. We expect her to remain dark in color. She only has a small amount of grey at the tail and in the flank.

Very well developed and tall. She is about 18 months old at this time.

Click here for pedigree

Click Here for more Pictures

We are asking $3000 for her at this time.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Straight Babson Mare
Here is a picture of
Char Iswid Malaka
Char Iswid x Charabs Amora.
She came here last summer and has just thrived.
She is now about 20 days in foal to HR Hasim Legacy. She was pasture bred with Legacy and is still with him. We have had her progesterone checked and it is great.
Malaka is an absolutely gorgeous mare. She has the sweetest personality. Her movement is huge. She can take off like a rocket.
I can not wait to see this baby that will be born. This will be Malaka's first foal and she is 14 years now. The foal will be 4 generations pure in strain Saqlawi Jirdan IBN Sudan with 3 crosses to Negem.
I am working on Malaka's page on the web site.
Almost for got to mention that Malaka only has one eye. She lost an eye as a foal. Was kicked I am told.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two Babson Mares

SS Mah Serra voluntarily pasture bred with HR Jamil Ahmar Hisaan a couple weeks ago.
She is going to be checked by the vet on Monday. She has never conceived and does not have interest in stallions. I was surprised.
Monday Nov 9
Did not ultra sound Serra today. Decided to wait a little while and see how she acts.

Char Iswid Malaka also pasture bred with HR Hasims Legacy a couple weeks ago. He bred her three days and she has stayed with him since. She has spent the summer improving her condition and getting confident with the stallions. I guess it has paid off, at least I hope so. she has not some back in heat and I am going to have the vet ultra sound her Monday. Keep your fingers crossed.
Monday Nov. 9th
Malaka was ultra sounded today and is 18 days in foal today. I knew she was, she was looking so beautiful. She just looked peaceful.
This is just a starting point. We have a long way to go before a foal.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Babson Arabian horses for Sale

We have several Straight Babson and Babson bred horses for sale.

HR Asmaru Shaman a straight Babson Stallion is for sale. He bred two mares this year and they both settled.

SS Mah Serra a straight Babson mare is for sale. She is ready to start training. She has not been sucessful at having a foal. She is a very cute Chestnut roan and has good movement. She is tall, long legged, and well proportioned. An excellent horse. She is easy to work with and likable.

DCF Diedra is a Polish Egyptian mare that is in foal to our SE stallion HR Jamil Ahmar Hisaan.
I bred these horses because Diedra has had two gorgous foals for me when bred to SE stallions. I believe Diedra has had a very strong DNA stamp on her foals. Jamil has had three foals that all look very much like himself. I believe the two of these horses bred together will create a fabulous foal.

Please visit my website for more information on these horses.
or email me at kim@axiomarabianscom